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How to become a streamer

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Hi I’m thinking about starting my own SM channels. I want to play mainly story games for YouTube, but came here anyway casue people seem to know a lot about streaming, and maybe I need to start with something simple.
So, my question is, what setup do I need? I got my computer, and I have a microphone. Can I use the laptop camera, my GoPro, or do I need something else? Do you need extra lights?
And what do you need to split the screen, so you can see both the stramer and the game? how does this work? Sorry if that sounds stupid, I’m not that tech-savvy.

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Ya, I wanna get into this, too. I bet I’d do great. I’m cool, I’m funny, I will beat the bank. Started to practice already.

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there are a ton of influencers out there talking about their equipment. also if you have someone in mind, go to their yt, they often put all the infos in the description box. i guess they are also presenting some deals and affiliates there so maybe you could safe a few bucks..

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