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What to play outside slots

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I see that casinos are offering not only the classic games and slots, but also some stuff I've never heard of before. Not sure what to make of these, and as there are so many. I want to know if there are any real good ones. Tips are appreciated.

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If you want fast action, aviator is the game for you. It's pur guessing but instant action. I like playing cards so stuff like Caribbean Stud or Casino Hold'em is wprth taking a look. Both pretty easy to learn, and some casinos have tutorials.

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try scratchcards, it's also gambling. No need learning the game here 😉

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always ton of fun to play gameshows in live casinos with others. Even if its as simple as monopoly live 😀

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Aviator is bloody terifying! To click or not to click, that is the question.

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When I take a break from slots, I like to hang out at the Caribbean Stud tables. It's just such a simple game and often easy to beat.

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