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Baccarat 101

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Never played baccarat, never got it. Someones willing to give a brief how to?

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All I know is this is the least skill-based casino game aside from Roulette.

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I’m getting some Sean Connery vibes here. Baccarat used to be the most popular card game in casinos, and maybe the reason is that this game does not include any skills. There is no card counting as in BLackjack, no strategy as in poker. It’s basically luck.
You play against the bank. EVeryone gets two cards. the cards have face value, except 10 to King, which have zero value. The goal is to hit an 8 or 9. If neither has that, a third card is dealt. Higher hand wins. At least, that’s punto banco how I know it. Try it out, it’s fun and you don’t need to worry about playing badly.

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lol, thats actually a great explanation thank you! So its only luck.. i see.. maybe ill give it a try

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Never played it

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