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my local bank hates me

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hi guys,

recently my frickin bank account was suspended. guess i had to much traffic on there last couple of months and now theyre checking me for money laundering. absolutely baffled and shocked that they think that im some kind of criminal or something.. i had my account there since i was a child. wtf.

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had this issue once before. oc payments are still considered rigged or suspicious. Thats why its better to have a third party provider, ewallet, paypal, just something, then they wont see oc data on bank statements.

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Banks are not your friends. You give them your money to keep it for you, and if they don’t feel like it, they won’t give it back. And crypto was obvioulsy only invented to cover up criminal activity.

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Use revolut. So far really happy with them. Once they froze my account for two days but I only needed to send them some details of my recent transactions and thats it

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